9. Applying for Marine and Muskingum integration models for hydrology forecasting on Ky Lo basin of Phu Yen province

Kiệt Võ Anh, Chanh Bùi Văn


Ky Lo is a second largest basin of Phu Yen province that is spread on Dong Xuan and Tuy An district. Processing of flooding and unindation are serious, there are from 2 to 3 big floods each year that cause consequence been serious. Special, the biggest flood that cause some villages on Dong Xuan district was deleted in 2009. Ky Lo basin and almost basin on Center Region which are very slope and short topography so that flood is up fast, down fast, strong flow, serious depth unindation. Otherwise, feature of soil, forest, rainfall are differentiated according to space. Whereby, applying concentrated hydrology model is very restriction because basin parmater include topography, soil, forest that are averaged. To rise accurate simulation and ability forecasting so applying distributed rainfall - runoff model is very necessary, specially applying distributed physical model. The model is ability simulation and calculation some factor include topography, soil, forest and rainfall according to space. Runoff on slope is simulated by Marine model, discharge in river is simulated by Muskingum model. This model was built and iterated with Marine model to simulate continuous flow on Ky Lo basin and forecasting hydrogy at Ha Bang station. The result of experiment forecasting for the flood on middle November in 2016 is good. The models are tools which help raise forecasting quality for South Center Regional Hydro - Meteorologycial Center, Phu Yen Province Hydro - Meteorological Center.

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Kiệt Võ Anh
voanhkiet64@gmail.com (Primary Contact)
Chanh Bùi Văn
Võ Anh, K., & Bùi Văn, C. (2018). 9. Applying for Marine and Muskingum integration models for hydrology forecasting on Ky Lo basin of Phu Yen province. Science Journal of Natural Resources and Environment, (20), 66–72. Retrieved from https://tapchikhtnmt.hunre.edu.vn/index.php/tapchikhtnmt/article/view/90

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