17. Research on domestic waste collection efficiency and affecting factors in some urban districts in Da nang city

Đăng Nguyễn Hồng


Waste collection plays an important role in solid waste management systems because it often accounts for about 70% of the total cost. In particular, the design of waste collection system in developing countries is not based on scientific database but experience. Therefore, this study assess the practices of domestic waste collection in Da Nang city with time and distance data collected by video recording, GPS / GIS equipment and the amount of waste collected. Collection efficiency and operational parameter prediction models were then established. The model was established using SPSS application based on the correlation between operating parameters and characteristics of the area extracted from GIS data. The models of waste transport velocity and the movement speed among collection points were built based on population density, moving distance and road types in Da Nang city. Moreover, the existing issues as well as future research approach were also discussed by the paper. The classification and recovery of recyclable waste need to be studied more. The waste collection as well as the factors affecting the waste collection system should also be researched in more details.

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Đăng Nguyễn Hồng
hongdang.mt@hunre.edu.vn (Primary Contact)
Nguyễn Hồng, Đăng. (2019). 17. Research on domestic waste collection efficiency and affecting factors in some urban districts in Da nang city. Science Journal of Natural Resources and Environment, (28), 122–128. Retrieved from https://tapchikhtnmt.hunre.edu.vn/index.php/tapchikhtnmt/article/view/208

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