07. Impacts of the Earth Tide phenomenon on Surveying and Mapping in Vietnam

Thạch Lương Thanh, Tùng Nguyễn Thanh


This paper experimentally shows the significant gap between standard height values in the mean tidel system and the zero tide system. Therefore, it is recommended that in surveying and mapping using geodetic data from different tide systems, all data must be consistently adjusted to the zero tide system. This is in accordance with the mandatory regulations of the International Association of Geodesy.

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Thạch Lương Thanh
ltthach@hunre.edu.vn (Primary Contact)
Tùng Nguyễn Thanh
Lương Thanh, T., & Nguyễn Thanh, T. (2019). 07. Impacts of the Earth Tide phenomenon on Surveying and Mapping in Vietnam. Science Journal of Natural Resources and Environment, (26), 52–56. Retrieved from https://tapchikhtnmt.hunre.edu.vn/index.php/tapchikhtnmt/article/view/170

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