03. Research on treatment of organic matter in surface water using BCF – Bio Contact Filter - pilot study at An Duong water treatment plant

Linh Phùng Thị


Surface water resources is the main source for water treatment plants to provide for human activities. However, surface water is also easily contaminated by wastewater and domestic waste from agricultural, industrial, urban, rural, residential area, production village containing many types of organic compounds. Most of water treatment plants use traditional treatment technology such as flocculation - sedimentation - filtration - sterilization. However, this is not a highly effective method to remove organic compounds. Treatment of organic matters in surface water using microorganisms is a new way to improve water quality. The micro-organisms not only help to remove organic compounds but also effectively remove dissolved Manganese, Ammonium and the odor-causing substances. Currently, some water treatment plants including An Duong water treatment plant have started to apply organic substances treatment in source water using micro-organisms, particularly through the BCF filter tank - Bio Contact Filter and the results have been very promising.

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Linh Phùng Thị
ptlinh@hunre.edu.vn (Primary Contact)
Phùng Thị, L. (2018). 03. Research on treatment of organic matter in surface water using BCF – Bio Contact Filter - pilot study at An Duong water treatment plant. Science Journal of Natural Resources and Environment, (23), 23–30. Retrieved from https://tapchikhtnmt.hunre.edu.vn/index.php/tapchikhtnmt/article/view/125

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