2. Assessment of flood vulnerability in Thach Han river basin, Quang Tri province

Quang Nguyễn Tiến, Khoa Thi Văn Lê


The objective of this study is to map flood vulnerability using Geographic Information System (GIS) integrated with Multi-Criteria Analysis (MCA), and Ranking Method (RM). Flood vulnerability map is a useful tool for decision-makers in indentifying measures to eliminate the impacts of flood. In this study, the research objects are natural factors causing flooding in the catchment such as soil type, rainfall, land use, basin size, and slope. The study was conducted in Thach Han River Basin of Quang Tri Province. Flood vulnerability assessment is based on two phases. Firstly, the effective factors causing flooding are identified. Secondly, the MCA approach in GIS environment is used to map the vulnerability. The results of the analysis show that Da Krong District is vulnerable to floods the most followed by Huong Hoa District. Other districts including Cam Lo, Quang Tri, Dong Ha, Trieu Phong, Da Krong, and Hai Lang are less suffered from flood.

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Quang Nguyễn Tiến
ntquang@hunre.edu.vn (Primary Contact)
Khoa Thi Văn Lê
Nguyễn Tiến, Q., & Thi Văn Lê, K. (2018). 2. Assessment of flood vulnerability in Thach Han river basin, Quang Tri province. Science Journal of Natural Resources and Environment, (22), 10–18. Retrieved from https://tapchikhtnmt.hunre.edu.vn/index.php/tapchikhtnmt/article/view/108

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